I had a weird crave to paint something tonight. I call this Persephone inspired by my Mythology class. In Greek mythology, Persephone, daughter of Zeus falls in love with the god of the underworld, Hades. She decides to live with him in the underworld and so leaves behind her parents. Her mother Demeter was infuriated by this. As the goddess of grain/vegetation, her sadness affects the human world. Leaves start to fall, the world gets covered by ice. Zeus realizes that fertility needs to be restored so that the humans can live and honor the gods. He sends Cupid to get his daughter back, but because Persephone eats some seeds from a pomegranate, she only gets to come back to her mother for a couple of months. During the times when Persephone is with her mother, the Earth is lively. It is spring and summer. When she leaves to go back to her husband, Demeter goes back to feeling sad and it becomes fall and winter. This is how Greek mythology explains the existence of the seasons.

This is such a bittersweet story.. I tried to draw the painting in the point of view of both Demeter and Persephone. At first glance, it seems dark and lonely. The first thing you experience is feeling of loss, a feeling I sometimes get during autumn season. Look closer and you see that it’s bright ahead of Persephone. She’s so happy to be back with the one she loves. To her mother, fall is time of loss but to her it’s a time of reunion with the one she loves.


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