Pure Love [ drama post ]

I’ve been watching Pure love, a Filipino show based on the Korean drama 49 days. I’m intrigued by the unique storyline and the chemistry between the characters. I find most teleseryes these days dry or cheesy, but I actually get kilig moments from this show. The main character dies, well almost, from a car accident. She was given a second chance to live by the Scheduler. She has 40 days to gather three tears from three different people who truly love her, excluding relatives. She felt that it was such an easy task until she discovered that her fiance and best friend have been cheating on her and are plotting something against her family’s company. What makes the show even more interesting is that she is given the opportunity to use the body of another woman during the day. She started working at the restaurant owned by one of her old high school friends (who is very serious and unfriendly towards her but secretly in love with her). Despite being in a different body, her personality and quirks starts to remind him of who she really is. They’re starting to get more fond of each other, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

What if we were given a chance like that before we die? Would the people we love recognize who we are? I wonder if I do things that make me unique that would remind people of who I am.


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