Good in goodbye

Another school year has passed, and with each passing year in college, I become more and more independent. I used to feel the need to constantly surround myself with company, but now I crave space. It’s a new outlook because time to myself isn’t wasted time anymore. However, sometimes I wonder if that’s a good thing.  I feel myself getting increasingly detached from people, even those I was really close to. Perhaps I realized that most people are just passerbys, and that it is best to put my effort and time into my personal pursuits. Now at my halfway point of my undergraduate career, I see that it is inevitable to part. We all have our own paths, and there is no use in trying to walk a path as closely with others’. If I do, I won’t reach my own destination. Hopefully, once I’ve accomplished what I want, the important people remain.

After all, I’d rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.



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